Head of central statistical organization speech for the visitors of the organization Web site

On behalf of the workers in the central statistical organization, we welcome the visitors to central statistical organization website, which we keen on keeping the global developments in the field of information and communication technologies and on effective and continuous communication with all citizens.

In addition, should note that the website of the organization since its inception has seen several developments however the current update is the largest

To activate the role of the statistical awareness and interaction with visitors to the site in the new website has added a dialog window with the public to identify their views and suggestions, in addition to pages on social networking.

Dear visitors statistics and data has become a key element in decision-making especially related to development, decision makers and planners are based onavailabledata when designing development plans to identify fact and optimize resources. Therefore, the organization’s website provides statistics and data package that covers all economic activities, social and demographic characteristics and environmental data available to decision-makers, researchers and the public following all the fundamental principles of statistics.

Thanks to site visitors,the organization and its employees are happy to receive suggestions and comments on its site with the data and statistics to make every effort to respond to provide statistical indicators.