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Is the raw data are processed in different ways to prevent the detection of individuals and institutions data privacy .

The importance of the raw data:

The process of providing preliminary data is a very advanced step in strengthening the relationship between the central statistics organization (CSO) as a producer of raw data and users in all sectors of their being the real beneficiaries of this data.
This will allow the researchers, planners and scholars to use the preliminary data with a great flexibility to conduct studies and analyzes to derive the indicators they want and meet their own needs without the need of the central statistics organization (CSO) to be provided to them.


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 Health and Social Situation Integrated Survey of the Iraqi Women (IWISH)                 


Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS4)


 Internal Trade Survey 


Iraq Household Social- Economic Survey (HISES)


Food and beverages survey in Iraq 


Social and health status of the elderly in nursing homes 


Mobile Units Survey 


Mining and quarries 


Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of the Community Survey in Iraq  

2016  brochure

Comprehensive food security and vulnerability analysis in Iraq

2016 Brochure
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