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  • What is the term CSO means?
     It means Central Statistics Organization 
  • On CSO structure how many Technical Departments exist and what are their names? 
    There are 13 Technical Departments :
                1.Agricultural Statistics
                2.Industrial Statistics
                3.Building & Construction Statistics
                4.Trade Statistics
                5.Transport & Communications Statistics
                6.Educational & Social Statistics
                7.Population & Manpower Statistics
                8.National Accounts
                9.Living Conditions Statistics
              10.Environmental Statistics
              11.Index Numbers
              12.Human Development Statistics 
  •  What is AAS means?
     It means Annual Abstract of Statistics; it reflects continuous scientific and applied efforts aimed 
     at providing a comprehensive package of data and information covering the various aspects of
     economic and social life in Iraq.  
  •  How many Branches you have and what are their addresses?
    We have 18 Local Statistics Directorates, one for each governorate. 
  • If I want to have/buy a copy of CSO’s publications, how should I get one?
       At the present time you can get it only from our website, or you can buy it from the  Directorate of Publishing and Public Relations
  • What kind of information is available on the CSO Website?
     The CSO website contains official reports analysis data, surveys, AAS, as well as CSO activities developed by CSO specialists and made accessible to the public through the CSO web site.
  • When you publish your monthly CPI in the website?
      At 15th of each month 
  • Why am I not seeing the latest news ?
    you can find it in the home page through marquee 
  • What is GDP?
    GDP is the total market value of goods and services produced within a given period after deducting  the cost of goods utilized in the process of production.
  • What is CPI ?
      A measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumers goods and services 
  • If I need some information, say on Population, can I get through your website or what is your Email address?
    You can find information in our website or you can email us through (Contact us) link.    
  • Do you have organizations that can help or support CSO activities?
    The International Organizations support us in implementing some surveys and censuses .     
  • Can I find the list of employment opportunities in CSO website?
     No, we do not have.   
  • Does CSO have a search engine on its Web site?  
    Yes, it has.      
  • Who maintains the CSO Web site?  
    The CSO web site  is maintained under the direction of IT Directorate /Internet Department. 
  • Who can link to the CSO Web site?  
    Organizations, Ministries as well as Government Offices are free to link to the CSO web site   
  • Is permission needed to reproduce information from the CSO Web site? 
    The information published on the CSO website is in the public domain and may be used or reproduced without specific permission.  
  • Can organizations advertise on or offer promotions through the CSO Web site?  
    No, they can not .     
  • Are CSO data available anywhere else on the Internet?      
    Another web site offers CSO data: The web site of Ministry of Planning & Development operation  provides summary statistics. And there is another website which  publish these data in a reactive way  and very easy to access 
  • What is Iraq information portal?
    Iraq information portal is a website that provides the users with plenty of information about Iraq  maps ,news and reports and surveys implemented by CSO
  • What is the difference between IAU Iraq and the website of CSO?
    The IAU Iraq website delivers brief data viewed in interactive and easy to access way but the detailed data and information at the CSO website.
  • What file formats are used on the CSO Web site?  
    Much of the material on this site is available in both HTML (hypertext markup language) and PDF (portable document format). Some of our files are offered in spreadsheets in XLS (Microsoft Excel) format.     
  • What is a PDF, and is additional software required to view PDF documents?  
    PDF (portable document format) files retain the appearance of the published documents. A drawback is that special software is required to read these files; this software, Adobe Reader, can be downloaded free from the Adobe web site. 
  • What is HTML, and is additional software required to view HTML documents?
      HTML (hypertext markup language) is the language your browser understands. You do not need additional software to access this material. 
  • Is additional software required to view Microsoft Excel documents?
      Some spreadsheets on the CSO web site are in Microsoft Excel (XLS) format. If Excel is installed on your computer, the spreadsheet will probably display when you click on the link. If Excel is not installed, you can download the free Excel viewer from Microsoft. Alternatively, you can download the spreadsheet itself to your computer and open it using another spreadsheet program.
  • How can larger tables be printed? 
    Some tables on the web site are extremely wide. When possible, these tables are posted as Adobe PDF files for easier printing. If the table is not available in PDF format, try these adjustments: Use the smallest font size offered by your browser. Change the paper size from portrait to landscape; this can be done from the page setup menu. Save the HTML page as a text file and open it in your word processor (or copy the table and paste it in your word processor); then change the margins, paper size, and font size as necessary

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