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 Fourth International Scientific Conference of Arab  statisticians  20-21/11/2013





                  Demographic Changes in the Arab Countries and the Role of
                      Statistics in Making Population Policies            


At the invitation of the Arab Institute for Training and Statistical Researches, the first foundation meeting of Arab statisticians Union has been held at 12-11-2007 and Sponsored by his excellency Dr. Ahmed Juweili / the General Secretariat of  Arab Unity Economic Council  and the Management of Prof. Dr. Hilal Aboud Al-Bayati, chancellor of the Institute at the time ..

 The essential system of the union was developed in this meeting and invite Arab statisticians to join the union, noting that this meeting was attended by eight institutions affiliated to the Union in addition to 88 members out of 175 founding member of the Union who have requested the establishment of the Union in addition to a number of Arab statistical institutions attended as an observer

Where the foundation of Arab statisticians Union was approved and the Union's headquarters to be in Jordan at the moment and by announcing the Union statistical activities began in the Union dramatically which requires Arabic and international statistical action

Where the First International Scientific Conference of Arab statisticians Union held in Jordan were more than 75 scientific research discussed which are joint in the overall Arab action, which serves the development and community process in the Arab world.

 In this conference it was agreed on the decisions of the General Authority of the Union to held an international statistical scientific conference every two years  in which the conference discuss the international and Arabic statistical developments that can serve the economic, educational and social demographic process of the Arab world.

As  those conferences can increase rapprochement between Arab citizens in developing their countries and on this basis the Second Scientific International Conference was held in Libya in which a large number of Arab and foreign scientists participated in ,and discussed up to 80 modern scientific research , also the Third Scientific International Conference  of Arabs statisticians Union was held in Jordan, which was sponsored by the Prime Minister and His Excellency the Iraqi Minister of Planning Dr. Ali Al-Shukri were discussed more than 85 scientific research and a large number of Arab scientists from various Arab countries in addition to a number of scientists of America, Canada, Britain attended the conference ,in  the Third Conference an invitation issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning to the Union for the purpose of hosting the Fourth Scientific International Conference of the union in Baghdad - Iraq - where the Board of Directors of Arab statisticians union discussed in its meeting held on 20.12.2012 this invitation of  Republic of Iraq and it was approved to held the conference in Iraq – Baghdad, to be determined by the Preparatory Committee meeting which will be formed by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and on this basis the Preparatory Committee for the Conference was formed by the ministerial order No. 55, dated 20 - 11-2012, headed by Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq the deputy of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and the membership of General Secretariat of the Arab statisticians Union and a number of specialists gentlemen where the Committee held its first meeting for two days in Iraq - Baghdad - on 9-10/12/2012 . and specified the Fourth conference of the Arabs Statisticians union to be held on 20-21/11/2013 and the conference will be sponsored by the Prime Minister and a number of invited  arab planning ministers , as the subject of population in the Arab world is  important in this period and its importance for social , statistical and planning it has been agreed that the conference will be under the slogan of “Demographic changes in the Arab countries and the role of statistics in making population policies”


 Which will include several important topics in our Arab society, such as statistical , practical and theoretical indicators and modernity in the use of new methods and modern statistical treatments and measurement indicators, quality and performance evaluation, which necessarily will have a big impact on the development of the Arab countries .. This conference will give a great impetus to use modern statistical tools in the development of the Arab countries and gives the decision maker the right scientific way for the success of development and progress in all sectors..


Today, the Preparatory Committee is making a big effort for the success of this conference, which is a great challenge to be held in Iraq and we hope a large number of Arab and foreign scientists as well as experts and Iraqi scientists to attend, not to forget the supportive attitude made by the University of Al-Rafidain College in supporting the conference in addition to United Nations Population Fund Iraq Branch. this support gives a greater impetus to give the best in this conference.  


 For further information, contact the e-mail of the Scientific Committee   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

                                 Or the Secretariat of the  Preparatory Committee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




• Minutes of The Meeting of the Preparatory Committee in Baghdad 9-10/12/2012


• The First Announcement


• The Second Announcement


• Conference Themes


• Registration Form











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