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 Living Conditions Statistics Directorate

This Directorate carries out important and essential statistical surveys because it provides economic indicators about Iraqi households concerning with the level of their domestic expenditure on one hand and their income which receive from different sources on the other, in addition to other characteristics related to health, environment, residential conditions, education and other social and economic characteristics of the individual and the household. The survey indicators are used to measure standard of living, make expectations, facilities of demand for commodities and services, and the composition of the CPI and identify the different sources of income. In addition, the directorate provides some indicators of the demographic characteristics of individuals with providing basic household appliances of housing, also this Directorate interests in preparing food balance sheet quarterly and annual reports, these surveys are carried out regularly every four years, Also it was added to the Directorate tasks of preparation measuring poverty indicators in Iraq depending on the results of expenditure and households income surveys.

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