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 National Accounts Directorate

The National Accounts directorate counts and estimates the most important economic indicators on the national level, including following:  
• Preliminary and final estimates of gross domestic product and national income.
• Preliminary and final estimates of gross fixed capital formation.
• Commodity balances.  Indicators of financial analysis for institutions of public, mixed and private sectors in the following
   ◦Manufacturing industries, banks and insurance, trade, transport and communications, electricity and water supply, oil
    extraction and mining.
   ◦ Industrial overlap table, every three years.
   ◦ User-producer table, every five years.
   ◦ Report of the main economic indicators quarterly quick for some main economic sectors.
   ◦ Fixed assets survey.
   ◦ Issuing an adjusted series of reports for the period of 1997-2002.

studies and research

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