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2012-2013 Budget Admission Delay is The Main Reason for Low Implementation Ratio Level in Poverty Reduction Strategy Projects

The director general of executive administration of poverty reduction strategy, Miss Najlaa A.Murad stated in the meeting of the super committee of poverty reduction strategy that the achievement ratio level in conducting the projects of the strategy is very low due to the budget admission delay for 2012 and 2013 and postponement of delivering financial allocations to the provinces.

Miss. Murad mentioned that some of the projects lacked to the sound planning where it must be established upon concrete  realities that directly serves and meets the poor needs in the governorates since they sometimes are subjected to political agencies wills which make governorates priorities change when the governor or the governorate council are replaced. Some of the governorates and ministries lack to the knowledge in dealing with administrative procedures and arrangements of projects conduction. The projects run into several challenges: delayed allocation of the lands of the projects as well as weak performance of some support positions in ministries and governorates in providing the executive administration with information they need about the projects, challenges and achievement ratio which strongly affect solving problems in time.

It is worthy mentioned that some of the support positions encountered weak coordination with responsible agencies in the governorates in score of specifying the priorities of poverty reduction projects, supplying the requirements of listing the specified projects and following-up the implementation, beside some the responsible members were not completely available for work for the specified mission. Some of the ministries or governorates went to transfer the allocations of the strategy projects to other ones listed under the current budget in case they couldn’t be conducted which conflict the conditions and instructions of the strategy as the activities and projects should be exclusively included in the strategy document.                









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