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 Population & Manpower Statistics Directorate

The Population & Manpower Statistics Directorate carries out population censuses to provide comprehensive statistical indicators about the population, social, economic and housing variables at the level of the smallest administrative units for both urban and rural areas as well as the implementation of demographic sample surveys between censuses such as life phenomena survey, a survey of fertility, migration survey ... It also meant by analyzing results of censuses and surveys and the preparation of population projections.  A preliminary plan has been prepared alternative to the census which planned to implementation in 2004 but has been postponed until further notice with a focus on the following steps:

1. To set an appointment for the commencement of the numbering and counting operation that completed all its
     requirements in 2004.  
2. Identify training plan for all levels of workers in the census.
3. Preparation of a plan to count Iraqi communities abroad.
4. Prepare counting plan and its requirements to determine the method of counting, forms designing,  preparation of
    instructions, output schedules, the final results tables, and instructions for workers in the census of all levels.
5. Preparation of a plan for counting Bedouins.  
6. Preparation of a plan for data processing and extraction results according to timing schedules established in the substitution

 Also, the Directorate provides data about employees in the various sectors where such data are essential for manpower planning and exploitation of all available capacities serving Iraqi economy, including the calculation and distribution of employees by socio-economic activities, scientific qualifications and their competences, through continuing of update a database of survey workers of all State entities, and such data is the basic rule for the databank career.





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