Trade Indicators

Internal Trade Indicators

Total number of establishments ( Wholesale and retail trade and vehicles repair and sale)_621698_
Number of employees1081794
Total production value at product price (million ID)16790111
Total value added at product price12787499
Number of establishments financial transfere and Exchange establishments_825_
Number of employees2767
Total production (million ID)73857
Total establishments public sector indicators888
Revenues obtained (billion ID)158781753716928
Total expenditures (billion ID)474962912


Foreign Trade Indicators

Total exports (billion dollars)94.39189.74184.506
Crude oil94.02789.21484.129
Petroleum products70188173.5
Commodity products294339.4202.7
Total imports (billion dollars)24.44333.38337.064
Petroleum products53.1949.2954.72
Commodity products19.12328.45432.492

Tourism Statistics Indicators

Total hotels and tourism complexes10841267Not implemented
Number of geusts (000)44746321
Total revenues (million ID)211492261392
Number of establishments Food and beverage_23718_
Number of employees88617
Total revenues (million ID)4154751
Total expenditure (million ID)2148657


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