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Increase in income rate from passenger transport services and delegations (0.9%) From last year

The number of registered traffic accidents rise to 2015 by (0.24%) from last year

A rise in the number of passengers transported by paid (169.2%) from last year

Aircrafts Movement for Domestic and International Flights in Iraqi Airports Increased During 2014 at (17.3%) Landing and (34.0%) Departing

Total revenues of the General Company for Iraqi Ports was increased as rate (16.7%) and decreased in the General Company for Maritime Transport as rate (1.8%) from past year

   The Revenues The State Company of Passengers and Delegates Transportation Achieved grow by (6.2%)

 Increase of goods imported and exported in 2012 through ports of Iraq by (15.2%) for imported goods and (18.1%) for exported goods comparing to 2011

Decrease of passengers transported by (9.5%) comparing to the last year Rail way sector activity statistics in 2013

Number of busses belong to transport activity that used for transporting passengers and delegates increased by (11.1%) for current busses and (4.2%) for those in action 


The recorded Traffic Accidents Increase in 2012

Statistic of traffic accident recorded for 2013

Number of Cars of Private Sector Increases for 2012 in 9.4%


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